Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!


"I love this smart and sexy approach. I'm not saying I'm easy, but I respond to guys who know what to do next, if you know what I mean. I feel like I'm being handled in just the right way - perfect!"
- Kristy C.

"I just had to write and say "awesome"! I've read all the women pick up books I could find, and this is the only one that's even unique. Now I score every week. This is the REAL DEAL!"
- J. Conroy

"You've made it so much easier than anything else I've seen. I'm 44, divorced and not in great shape. But it doesn't even matter, thanks to you. By the way, my friends are totally amazed by this. I get good-looking dates now any time I want."
- R. Attwell

"All I can say is where were you when I was in college? I'm scoring today like you wouldn't believe. I hardly believed it at first but your technique works like crazy. Last night I go into the bar, I talk to this chick for about 30 minutes then bring her home. Sex is easy. Finally!"
- C. Lawrence

"I started using it six weeks ago and I have made out with 11 beautiful chicks and slept with 6! This is way the best investment I ever made!"
- M. Delmaire

"I just wanted to say that I got laid last night after reading you book. Sure beats sleeping alone!"
- Rui V.

"You really set me straight with this information. Some of it's unbelievable! I actually have done okay before because I'm not bad looking, but now I'm in like overdrive. It's like I know exactly what to do now every time."
- D. Chan
Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!


Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

"You weren't joking about how easy this is. I've tried a ton of different books and techniques over the last year. This is the only one that guaranteed me making out with so many chicks. I can hook up with a new one every night but it's exhausting."
- Luis G.

"I¹ve always been overweight and not real good looking, but I still managed to get women once in a long while. The problem was they were always worse than what I wanted. I knew there had to be a better way so when I read your book I was really hoping. I was also to be honest not believing it completely, but I've seen guys who looked worse than me with pretty girls, so anyway I wanted to try. I don't go to bars but I do volunteer work and on my first attempt after reading the book I got the phone number of this gorgeous woman. It works just like you say and I'm the proof. I'm feeling pretty good about life but to be honest if I can do it so can anyone."
- Ryan B.

"If you ask a man what he's looking for in a blind date, the first thing he'll say is she has to be good-looking. And that's way down the list of things that women put first. You often see less than attractive men with very attractive women and rarely the opposite. Women see beyond the pretty face - or don't need it."
- Elinor Lipman, author 'The Ladies Man'

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!