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You are about to discover:
The most powerful, One Of A Kind, Time-tested, Unique and Proven System That Guarantees To Give You The Most Awesome Success With Beautiful Women Whether You Are A Novice or Experienced, or It’s FREE

This is the real deal, a kick ass -- no BS system that really works -- it will blow you away when you see your results. This is powerful stuff that will make you a chick magnet and it is exclusive to AWN and available nowhere else. I know, because I created most of it and to make it even better, I enlisted two female human behavioral experts (pen names- “Susie” & Kathy”) to join me with this new rewrite which has just been posted July 2003. Their womanly secrets are vital to your success and only a woman knows what a woman truly wants. Here is your chance to get you into the lives, hearts and minds of beautiful women.

“Kathy” in fact, has a Masters Degree in “Human Behavior” and is now working toward her PHD. NOW you have the killer knowledge of my proven system plus the integrated knowledge of two women who wrote this for men.

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

Nothing Like This Out There In One Package.

You Get The Very Best of Both Worlds.

Lots of secrets and techniques here but no deceptive pickup lines or bad boy crap that tries to make you into someone you are not. We show you how to get more women with who you are and/or who you could be. This system works for everyone, it is a master's degree program in learning how to approach, talk to, date, and seduce women. The Gigantic Bonus is that once you learn these secrets with women you can use them in everyday life. Possibly a job promotion or even a better job, more and better friends, etc., that will bring more happiness into your life in general. We will give you the key to confidence to do the things you never thought possible.

This is not the same hyped-up old rehashed stuff you see on all the other sites that promise you the world but when you buy them, they really don't deliver.

Most claim you're going to be a super stud in one day and get laid tonight. If you are gullible enough to believe that kind of BS, there is a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

There are lots of sites out there that will sell you information about attracting women. The problem is, if you get lucky enough to find good information, that's what it is, just information. What makes this 10 times more powerful is a system to use that information effectively, and that's what we have done. We not only give you more of that great information than anyone else but we have also put that information into a powerful step by step, easy to learn system that will guarantee you phenomenal results.

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Another thing that makes our system so great is that One Size Does Fit All. I will guarantee that this is the best book out there. My system takes just a few days to absorb and practice the material and by the weekend you are on the road to super success with women and a greater social life in general. We will show you how to be the life of the party, even if you are shy.

This has been the #1 best selling outstanding manual in the past but now you are getting the newly released version which has just been updated and rewritten with the help of two women experts, for men.

In addition, you get five other books and bonuses from our continually growing resource library. Books on “Hooking Up Online”, 14 different chapters in one book called, “Talking Sex With Susie”, one of my co-authors. Lots of provocative stuff here such as “A better Male Orgasm”, The Juicy Facts” and twelve other chapters along the same lines, and All from a woman's perspective. Then there is the book on NLP (Neuro-linguistics programming) “Confidence With Women” written by famed NLP expert Marco Cepeda exclusively for us and available nowhere else. This is the same kind of techniques Tony Robbins is using, but you are getting it free as a bonus. The skills you learn here can also be used in everyday life.

There's more, just click on the left-hand column books for more details. There is everything in here that anyone needs to know about approaching, talking to, dating and seducing women, and then some. Call them secrets, techniques, or whatever, they will work wonders for you!

After you use my system, you will thank me for changing your life in so many positive ways. If not, then it’s free and you are guaranteed your money back, because it is all done through an independent third party billing company.

Now you might be asking yourself, who the hell am I ???????

Hello !!

My name is David Rawlings and let me tell you why I can help you get the kind of woman you always wanted. You see, in March of 1996, I decided I was tired of rejection, sick of seeing HOT women in the arms of less-than-attractive men, going out and coming home empty handed and spending night after night totally alone.

I decided to take action and learn everything I could about attracting women. I bought books, listened to audio tapes, and attended every relationship, “pick-up” and seduction training seminar I could. I hung out with, watched and learned from guys that were bedding HOT women every time they went out.

I was doing OK, but somehow I felt that I should be doing one hell of a lot better than I was having all the information that I did. Than one day while I was sitting in a coffee shop, the light bulb finally turned on and I said to myself “You dummy, with all your Human Resources experience, why are you not applying it to what you already know?” I drove home very excited and started organizing those reams of information into a system. You see, what was happening was with all that information floating around in my head, many times I was putting the cart before the horse, sometimes saying the right thing at the wrong time or vise versa, or many times hesitating while I was trying to think of all those lines I was suppose to memorize, really making myself look like an ass.

I discarded all the fluff, took what I knew really worked from all of my and other peoples experiences, intergraded it with my many years of HR experience and organized these secrets and techniques into a simple, foolproof, easy to learn system.

Well, I’ve got to tell you that there was almost instant success. I had increased my effective use of all that knowledge many times over. I tweaked it a little here and there, and before long my buddies were bugging me about my super success with women. I would have normally kept my secrets to myself (I mean, why shoot yourself in the foot?), but I really wanted to know if it was me or could anyone do it. I took my notes and expanded them, added more detail and gave it to them. Before I knew it, my friends had all turned into “Chick Magnets” It was amazingly effective and I found that it virtually guarantees success.

Keep in mind, my friends are average looking guys. Most of them live in apartments and earn average incomes. In fact, my friend Craig is bald, overweight, and drives a six-year old Hyundai, It really doesn’t matter! If Knowledge is Power, then this is my # 1 Power Tool. This is the Same Cutting Edge Techniques and Secrets I've Used To Go From Being A “Loser” With The Ladies To being Surrounded By Beautiful Women just about all the time, Everywhere I Go - Without Wasting Lots of Money and Time on Dead-End Dates That Go Nowhere!

It does not matter if you're not physically attractive, bald, smart or poor. It does not matter what age you are -- It does not matter if you have a low-paying job! Women are not like men! They look past the obvious crap, right into our souls! Are you ready to meet the beautiful women who will appreciate you for who you are? Great! I will show you how. This system is based on who you are and the experiences you've been through. You will not have to lie about yourself or memorize scripted lines. With my groundbreaking guide you will discover how to approach women you once thought were out of your league.

With all this success, I decided to publish my manual on the Internet, and the rest is history. Nothing has been withheld. I've taken years of field tested, proven, cutting edge secrets and Breakthrough methods and jam-packed them into an informative online manual called....

Attract Women Now!
How To Approach,
Talk To, Date And Bed Women...

Even if you all are already sort of successful with women, like I was, but you want more or “Higher Quality and Beauty” and don't want to spend a lot of money or take years to figure it out, or maybe you're a successful professional who doesn't have time to play games and you would like that special edge over your colleagues when you go out socializing, you will greatly benefit from this knowledge. This is a simple, easy to use system for being amazingly effective and successful with women. This is not only about sex, but building quality relationships. You might say, Dating beautiful women -- made easy!

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

Here are some testimonials from our earlier version - the new one is even better!

"All I can say is where were you when I was in college”?
I hardly believed it at first but your techniques work like crazy.
Carl Lawrence, Melville, NY

"I just had to say "awesome" ! I've read all the women pick up
books I could find, and this is the only one that’s unique.
This is the real deal !
James Conroy, Ann Arbor, MI

"You've made it so much easier than anything else I've seen. I'm 44, divorced and not in great shape. But it doesn’t even matter, thanks to you. By the way my friends are totally amazed by this. I get good looking dates now - anytime I want."
Richard Attwell, Billings, ND

Here's just a sample of the things you'll learn .....

• In chapter 1, I share the Absolute #1 secret behind success with women that extremely few people know and why most men are unsuccessful. And no, it is not confidence.

8 things women look for in a man. and I show you exactly how to give it to them.

Have women pick you up - Several little techniques that will have women you don't even know calling you for a date – Honest !!

• In chapter 5, I explain what NOT to do in the company of women.
Since these things happen “unconsciously” most men don’t even realize they are doing it. Discover these six simple things that have been holding you back and your success with women will skyrocket.

• In chapter 7, I reveal the single most powerful method you can use to Double, triple, even quadruple the number of women you meet now.

• In chapter 6, I show you a simple technique for targeting the kind of woman that you always wanted. Go out every time and meet exactly the type you want.

• Wouldn’t it be great if it was the woman's idea to sleep with you? Of course. In chapter 12, You’ll discover a technique I call “3D arousal ” and I show you exactly how to do it. You’ll have women begging to jump into bed with you.

Develop extraordinary confidence -- we will show you how to increase your confidence level to heights you never reached before. This skill is one that women find most attractive.

• Learn how to read a woman like a book. Know for sure when she's attracted to you and ready to get physical. Never forfeit the chance to get laid because you couldn’t tell she was hiding the fact that she was really turned on.

Approach women in any situation you find yourself in? I give you specific approaches you can use in any situation, on any woman, without relying on ridiculous "pick up" lines or unnatural pre-written scripts.

• In chapter 8, I reveal the secret components vital to success in meeting women. I discovered a simple step by step format that I call “N-I-D” for successfully conversing with women. Using this exact format, you will always know what to say and do next.

• How to satisfy a woman every time. I share with you the little known powerful technique that makes you the guy that she wants to see again.

A critical mistake men make when asking a woman out. I show you exactly what to say and do to ensure success instead of rejection.

• I show you how to talk to women. From the first meeting to the bedroom.

How to handle blind dates (any date for that matter) so you will always be a hero. Be the one she will tell all her friends about and want to date again.

Even if you're a terribly shy guy, I'll show you how to approach women you've never talked to before. I'll show you how easy it is so you will never feel uncomfortable again.

• Learn the best places to take a girl on a date to guarantee you'll see her again.

How to talk to women – I will show you how to become a conversational expert – You will be the most interesting person she's talk to in years (even if you have never had any experience talking to women)

• Learn the secrets of making your first date the most memorable date she's ever had!

And much, much more..... Because at Attractwomennow.com, we are concerned about the “NOW” part, and we will always be adding new information, bonus reports, etc to our resource library….

Be a total winner with women. Every chapter has proven strategies and tips that you can start using immediately. Nothing on the Internet compares to our comprehensive, detailed and revealing members section.

This is not just a one-night supper-stud seduction manual, it is a proven, powerful, easy to learn system that is guaranteed to work in meeting, talking to, dating and seducing women, no matter what your status. There is nothing out there like this, and it is exclusive to us. We have progressive step-by-step procedures that carry you through any situation without remembering pickup lines. This manual alone, without the other five bonus books, prints out at approximately one hundred 8X 10 pages, where most of the competition is 20 to 40 pages. With that being said, it is not about quantity, it’s about quality. It is about what really works, and this one really works, guaranteed or it’s free…

My Personal Better Than Risk Free
100% Money Back Guarantee

Attract Women Now™ comes with an Iron Clad 100% money
back guarantee. Read everything, from beginning to end,
and all the bonuses. Try the strategies risk-free for 30 days,
you don't have to decide now. You must be completely
satisfied that my system allows you to get the kind of
women you always wanted. Otherwise, my third party independent billing company will happily refund your money. No questions, no hassles and no hard feelings.

That's right -- we guarantee that our member’s only section will give you the power, the knowledge, and confidence you need to start creating relationships with beautiful women or your money back. Try it for 30 days and if you haven't gained a totally new insight on how to attract women, we will give you your money back! You simply cannot miss -- --

This is an E-Book so you can access it, right now, from the comfort and privacy of your home or office (or anywhere that you have internet access) and begin reading and applying this breakthrough cutting-edge technology - the very same day or night.

What is A Life Of Unlimited Choice, Incredible Power And Amazing
With The Kind Of Women You Always Wanted Worth to you?

How much do I charge for something that will change your life in so many positive ways? My friends thought I should ask hundreds of dollars for it, understandably, since they had already experienced the benefits of this material. The reality is that I wouldn’t sell many copies at that price, so I came up with a price that would put in the reach of everyone, $39.95. That’s less than a tank of gas, so that was what we sold our original manual for.

Now we have our newly updated and improved version, written with the help of two female experts, plus we have added five more exclusively written books and bonuses to our resource library (see details below). If you had to buy them separately, it would cost you over $200. but you are getting them FREE, when you purchase our outstanding, groundbreaking manual. Then throw in a lifetime subscription instead of the usual yearly fee, giving you over $300 in value

This has cost us many thousands of dollars extra to do all of the above so we really need to raise our price VERY SOON in order to recover our expensives. However, we have allotted a specific number of books to be sold as a special promotion for this newly launched manual. If you act now, you can still have it at the old price of ONLY $39.95. You can’t loose with our money-back guarantee.

Take Us For A Test Drive Now !

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!


The newest change to the way men and women get together is Hooking up On Line, via instant messaging systems. Women feel safe, and so they get much more adventurous. And they are taking to this new technology in astounding numbers.

If you’re wondering where the trend is today, this is it! With over 100 million members using the top three online messenger services, AOL, Yahoo! and MSN, you’re missing a HUGE piece of the action if you don’t get with this trend.

OK .. Lets Summarize. You get the following;

1. Attract Women Now™, the dynamite manual of secrets, tips, and techniques to attract, date and seduce women

2. Six Steps To Rock Hard Confidence With Women -- The NLP Course that gives you the power to reach your potential.

3. Sex With Suzie, A Woman’s Perspective – A look into a woman’s mind, Lots of tips and techniques here

4. Lifetime Subscription To Attractwomennow.com – Normally $99. per year, now included with your membership.

5. Talk Dirty To Me -- Bring out the wild side in women, without risk of rejection, fear of embarrassment or scaring her.

6. Does Size Really Matter – How big is big enough ?? We have answers.

7. Hooking Up On Line - Instant messaging is the new way men and women get together.

You can access it all, right now, from the comfort and privacy of your home or office (or anywhere that you have Internet access) and begin reading and applying this breakthrough cutting-edge technology - It is available on-line, right here, right now!

This entire package of Books, Bonuses and lifetime subscriptions is available to you for a limited time only so act fast! - THIS IS A ONE-TIME CHARGE, NOTHING ADDITIONAL TO PAY

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

My Personal, Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee: Attract Women Now™ comes with an Iron Clad 100% money back guarantee. Read everything, from beginning to end, and all the bonuses. Try the strategies risk-free for 30 days, you don't have to decide now.

You must be completely satisfied that my manual and bonuses allow you to attract the kind of women you always wanted. Otherwise, I'll happily refund your money. No questions, no hassles and no hard feelings. And no matter what you decide, my breakthrough cutting edge manual and bonuses are yours to keep.


Isn’t a Life Of Unlimited Choice, Incredible Power And Amazing Success With The Kind Of Women You Always Wanted, Worth $39.95 to you?

Here’s how it works....

When you click on the order page you, you'll go to a Secure Order Page, where you will enter you credit card or check information. Next you will have immediate access to the online book and bonuses.

Your transaction is secure. Your order information is transmitted through an independent 3rd party billing company. The transaction will be discreetly billed through them with their purchase guarantee and phone number included.
The whole process is very quick and you'll be reading your books in less than 5 minutes.

Remember, this is a limited time promotional offer, so act fast!

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

Avoid The Most Common Mistake That Could Prevent Your Success Forever!

After studying people for years, I've learned one thing: if a guy doesn’t take action right now - there is little chance that he will do anything about it Ever. What I mean is, that if you're saying to yourself, “Yeah, sure sounds good, I’ll think about it” the chances of you succeeding are very small because there are just too many distractions and the thought will be buried in all the other chaos of life. It would be truly sad to see that happen. I hope that you will decide for yourself, for your own reason, that right now, this is the best decision you will ever make and it is risk free, So What Do You Have To Lose ???

Are you going to let opportunity slip by you? Never know what might have happened if you could have been better at attracting Women?

How will you feel if you forfeit this chance? Will you get shot down the next time you approach a woman that you want to meet, knowing you could have done it better?

Is there a special woman you'd like to meet? The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will lose her. You might lose the chance forever as someone else who has these skills sweeps her off her feet. Don't wind up kicking yourself!

On the other hand. The kind of woman you always wanted might suddenly appear, and you won’t have the skills to attract her into your life. Imagine the feeling of regret if you had to watch that happen.

I'm here to tell you - that doesn’t have to happen to you. You don't have to spend 6 years of your life and thousands of dollars to discover these secrets the hard way. I already did the tough part for you!

You can skip the hard work, trial and error (and error and error and error...) Learn right now what I wish I had learned years ago.

Just click on the link now to begin your life filled with success.

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

Wishing you success with women,

Wishing you success with women, signed 'David Rawlings', Attract Women Now™

David Rawlings

P.S. Every tip, strategy and cutting edge method I teach you are the same techniques I use to approach, talk to and bed women - without being rich or handsome. I've helped hundreds of men just like you. And I'm going to help you too! And if you are not successful with my techniques, I'll refund your money, and you get to keep the manual and all the bonuses. That's a better than 100% risk-free offer!

PPS Remember, I have writers under contract working on new material and I can only extend this low price offer until their work gets posted. Don't wind up kicking yourself because you missed out on the chance to get in on the ground floor. Order Now!


Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!

Marco Cepeda Bio!

Marco Cepeda is Managing Director and Partner of The New York Center of Hypnosis, LLC. He's been recently featured on major Television news programs, like WABC TV, Eyewitness News as well as newspapers like The New York Sun, for his groundbreaking work in the field of hypnosis.

Marco employs the newest and most advanced cutting edge techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming-NLP and Hypnosis to effect rapid and instant change in individuals looking to achieve total fulfillment in every area of life. Fears, phobias, self defeating habits and limiting beliefs can be eliminated completely with the work done by Marco.

He has launched a new groundbreaking educational set that teaches tools and techniques of hypnosis in order to assist people in finding better jobs - www.betterjobsnow.com. People from across the globe are lining up to learn more about this program.

He is the proud co-founder of the Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers Hypnosis Practice Group in New York City, which has spread rapidly throughout the United States due to its popularity (www.trancecoach.com) and has recently become an international organization. He is also the founder of an NLP Practice Group with a total of over 480 members in the New York City area alone, he is the leader of the largest persuasion practice group in the world.

Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase join AWN!